Rear Brake Tube #2

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The Rear Brake Tube #2 (#47322-07070), a critical Drive-Chassis component within the Rear Brake Tube #2 (#47322-07070) & Clamp system of a vehicle, is chiefly responsible for transmitting hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder to the brake calipers or drums. This pressure facilitates the vehicle's braking ability, crucial for safe, precise control. Composed of steel or metal alloys, Rear Brake Tube #2 (#47322-07070)s are robust; however, corrosion, physical damage, or age-related wear can lead to leaks or blockages. Such issues could compromise the braking performance, posing a serious safety risk. Therefore, periodic inspection and replacement using Toyota genuine parts is advised. These parts are designed specifically for Toyota vehicles, enhancing compatibility and performance. Additionally, they are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In essence, the Rear Brake Tube #2 (#47322-07070) is a vital component that contributes directly to the vehicle's braking efficiency and, subsequently, the overall safety of your drive.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 47322-07070

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