Shift & Select Lever Support

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The Shift & Select Lever Support (#58123-WAA01), a crucial Body part in the Console Box & Bracket system of Toyota automobiles, primarily facilitates seamless gear transitions. It holds the shift and select lever in place, streamlining the operation of changing gears while driving. Other components, such as the shift knob and linkage, work closely with this support to provide seamless driving experience. Like all auto parts, it requires periodic replacement. Over time, it may wear out or break, potentially leading to gear shifting issues, negatively affecting the vehicle's operation. Genuine Toyota parts are ideal for replacements, offering compatibility with your vehicle and backed by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. Without a functional Shift & Select Lever Support (#58123-WAA01), efficiency in gear shifting could be compromised. This part, therefore, plays a significant role in maintaining optimal automobile performance and ensuring safety during gear transitions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58123-WAA01

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