Front Brake Flex Hose Support Plate Left Hand

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The Front Brake Flex Hose Support Plate Left Hand (#51682-32040), a key component in Toyota's Floor Side Member system, plays a vital role in ensuring proper alignment and stability of the brake flex hose. It holds the brake flex hose securely to prevent unwanted movement or displacement, facilitating efficient brake fluid flow uninterrupted. Genuine Toyota parts like this are highly compatible with your vehicle, and come under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, the support plate may become worn or damaged, leading to instability of the brake flex hose. It's therefore important to replace this part periodically to maintain optimal brake system performance. Failure to replace a worn support plate can lead to erratic brake fluid flow, compromising braking efficiency and safety. In conclusion, the Front Brake Flex Hose Support Plate Left Hand (#51682-32040) is instrumental in maintaining sound brake system operation, contributing significantly to the safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 57116-20901
Part Number 51682-32040

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