Check Valve To Connector Tube Hose

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The Check Valve To Connector Tube Hose (#44772-33190), a key component in the Brake Booster & Vacuum Tube system, has the critical role of directing and maintaining airflow in this system. This Drive-Chassis part operates by allowing the air to move in a single direction, preventing any backflow that could disrupt the system's function. Being a genuine Toyota product, it is specifically designed for compatibility with your vehicle, and comes with the assurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. With time, this hose can degenerate, become clogged or even break, which can affect brake performance, posing safety risks. An aged or faulty hose can also lead to vacuum leaks, reducing the efficiency of your vehicle's operations. Replacing this component periodically with a genuine Toyota part, therefore, is vital for optimal safety and performance of your vehicle. It ensures a well-functioning brake system, contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 44772-33190

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