Drive Shaft Damper

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The Drive Shaft Damper (#43474-12020) is a vital auto part in both the Drive-Chassis Front Drive Shaft system and the Drive-Chassis Rear Axle Shaft & Hub system in Toyota vehicles. Its main role is to reduce vibrations and noise produced during operation, promoting a smoother and quieter ride. The damper achieves this by absorbing and dissipating these vibrations, which stems from the engine's power transmission through the drive shaft. Over time, this component may wear out or get damaged, causing excessive vibrations and noise during drives. This not only disrupts the comfort of the ride but can potentially cause harm to other components in the system. For this reason, a periodic replacement of the Drive Shaft Damper (#43474-12020) is necessary to maintain optimal performance. Using a genuine Toyota Drive Shaft Damper (#43474-12020) assures compatibility with your vehicle and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Finally, the installation of this part significantly enhances the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle by ensuring a smooth and quiet ride.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 43474-12010;43460-20011;43460-12060;43460-12040;43460-12021;43460-12020
Part Number 43474-12020

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