Front Right Brake Caliper

About this product

Brake calipers are critical to the effectiveness of your braking system. To ensure your brakes function optimally, it is vital that the brake calipers are kept clean, functional, and well-maintained. Over time and with extensive use, calipers can corrode, leak, or become over-extended, necessitating their replacement. Genuine Toyota Parts are crafted to meet the same rigorous standards as the components originally installed on your vehicle. Using Genuine Toyota parts for your brake caliper replacement guarantees that you maintain the robust stopping power your Toyota is known for. Always check vehicle fitment and use the specified caliper 4773028270 for repairs to your disc brake system. For the best performance, pair Toyota Calipers with Genuine Toyota Brake Pads, Rotors, Fluid, Lines, and Master Cylinders, ensuring that every component works seamlessly together to provide reliable and effective braking.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 47730-28270

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