Frame Crossmember Assembly #2

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The Frame Crossmember Assembly #2 (#51220-0R010), a vital Body part in the Suspension Crossmember & Under Cover system, serves a significant role in the structure and stability of a vehicle. This assembly acts as a support, maintaining alignment and rigidity in the vehicle's chassis. Genuine Toyota parts are crucial for compatibility and optimal performance, and the Frame Crossmember Assembly #2 (#51220-0R010) is no exception. Over time, this part can suffer from wear and tear or damage, which could affect the vehicle's handling and stability. The Frame Crossmember Assembly #2 (#51220-0R010) must undergo periodic replacement to avoid these potential issues. Failure to replace a worn-out assembly can lead to a compromised suspension system. Backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, a properly functioning Frame Crossmember Assembly #2 (#51220-0R010) contributes significantly to the vehicle's safety by maintaining structural integrity and facilitating smooth vehicle operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51220-0R010

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