Prkg Brake Wire Clamp Bracket Sub-Assembly

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The Prkg Brake Wire Clamp Bracket Sub-Assembly (#58029-47010) is an essential component within the Floor Pan & Lower Back Panel system, acting as a crucial part of the parking brake mechanism. This body part secures the parking brake wire, facilitating the transmission of force from the parking brake lever to the car's wheels when the parking brake is engaged. Over time, constant use may wear down this part, compromising the efficacy of the parking brake. A worn-out Prkg Brake Wire Clamp Bracket Sub-Assembly (#58029-47010) may result in a loose or disconnected parking brake wire, which can lead to brake failure, endangering the vehicle's occupants and others on the road. Genuine Toyota parts, like this sub-assembly, are recommended for optimal compatibility with your vehicle. Also, they are covered under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Finally, this part helps maintain the safety of the vehicle by ensuring that the parking brake operates correctly.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58029-47010

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