Steering Column Tube Attachment Lower

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The Steering Column Tube Attachment Lower (#45279-06010) is a crucial Drive-Chassis part in the Steering Column & Shaft system of your Toyota vehicle. It primarily serves to hold the steering column in place and enables smooth and direct steering input transition from the steering wheel to the vehicle's wheels. This part is continually subjected to physical pressure and movement, necessitating periodic replacement. When old or worn out, it might cause a loose or wobbly steering wheel, reducing control and potentially leading to safety hazards. Using genuine Toyota parts ensures that your vehicle maintains its original performance, compatibility, and safety standards. These parts are also supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Steering Column Tube Attachment Lower (#45279-06010) is integral for a safe and efficient steering system in Toyota vehicles.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 45279-06010

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